The Four Attitudes:

The Alchemy Of An Open Heart And A Calm Mind

Discover how to break free from worry, self-doubt, anger, and un-fulfillment. Tired of restless nights consumed by daily worries?

Escape the cycle of unhelpful thinking and find a genuine connection with your true self. Experience the transformative power of four attitudes that can unlock a joyful and fulfilling life.

The Four Attitudes: The Alchemy of an Open Heart and a Calm Mind guides you on a clear path towards self-acceptance and inner peace. Embrace friendliness, compassion, non-judgment, and a joyful mind as you unearth the tools to turn this vision into a reality. Bridge the gap between external challenges and internal tranquility with a fresh perspective.

"My heart and mind filled with joy and appreciation as I read this beautiful book. Sondra shares profound yogic teachings relevant to every person. Written in a poetic way that points toward freedom from suffering and a life filled with joy, Sondra shares through her own direct experience, stories, and scriptural references with chapters on each ‘attitude’ we can cultivate to maintain a calm and open mind. Her wisdom and generosity open new doorways of understanding and self-awareness. Please, read this book, contemplate the questions she asks, you will learn so much about yourself and how to walk through this life with grace and freedom." --Kia Miller

"This book reflects Sondra’s journey as a sincere seeker. Sharing her understanding of essential and ancient teachings of the yogic tradition, we are reminded that we create our own reality through our thought, speech and action. As we apply the principles of the Four Yogic Attitudes, our outlook on life transforms, we grow kinder, and our actions are enlivened with clarity, empathy, purpose and strength. We are able to be our best self, and find a joy and fulfillment like any other. That is the gift of yoga, and this book is a loving reminder of that how we can experience it for yourself."

 Ishan Tiguiat

 Executive Director of the Hyminlain Institute

10 Key Things You'll Discover In This Book!

  • Why your breath shapes your day: Bad breath it’s no joke

  • Overcoming Negative Thought Patterns: Learn effective strategies to break free from detrimental thought loops that cause emotional distress, fostering a healthier and more positive mindset.

  • Deepening Self-Connection: Easy contemplations that deepen your understanding and connection with your heart, fostering self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

  • Unlocking Gratitude: Discover how gratitude serves as a gateway to friendliness and positive relationships, enriching your life.

  • Understanding the Ego: Gain insights into the nature of the ego, its role in your life, and how to use it effectively for personal growth and understanding.

  • Calm down your mind: Learn breathing practices to calm the mind.

  • Self-Awareness: Explore the teachings on pain and suffering, and learn how self-awareness can help manage and reduce emotional pain.

  • Navigating Emotional Landscapes: Gain insights into recognizing and managing emotions as dynamic experiences, akin to changing weather patterns, and learn how to remain centered amidst emotional fluctuations.

  • Understanding the Ego: Gain insights into the nature of the ego, its role in your life, and how to use it effectively for personal growth and understanding.

  • Transformative Stories: Learn through metaphors and stories.

Hi, I'm Sondra

The heart and mind behind The Four Attitudes & Divine Times Newsletter.

My journey with yoga began 15 years ago at the Himalayan Institute, but my connection to self-discovery has deeper roots, particularly in arts and writing. For me, art and writing have not only been channels of creativity but also therapeutic avenues to calm my mind and body, creating a harmony that beautifully complements my yogic practices.

My daily practice is more than just a discipline; it's my self-care ritual, a commitment to nurturing my mind, body, and soul. Through spiritual pilgrimages in India, I immersed myself in sadhana and deepened my practices at their source, ensuring my daily rituals are grounded in authenticity and wisdom. My connection with yoga is not just about asanas. It's about understanding and applying the essence of yogic wisdom to daily life.

The Four Attitudes, a book stemming from my experiences, brings forward the four noble attitudes essential for a fulfilling life. I've seen their transformative power, not just as a yogi but in my roles as a mother, business owner, friend, wife, and householder.What sets me apart?

My innate ability to truly listen and connect. To engage in conversations that dive deep, unraveling layers and offering insights into one's habits and lifestyle.

Over the years, I've donned many hats – from owning and operating various businesses, including a feng shui practice in Dallas, Texas, to authoring books that resonate with many souls. Breathing, for me, is not just a physical act. It's an art. One that calms the mind, opens the heart, and sets the spirit free.

My passion lies in teaching others this art, ensuring they too find tranquility and purpose in every breath.

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